Thursday, 23 June 2011

Entrepreneurs Encouraged to Widen their Horizons

The message to Indian businesses to widen their base was given by Mr Hernaikh Singh, the CEO of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI). He was speaking at the media briefing on its annual Singapore Indian Entrepreneurs Awards. According to a Straits Times report  of 22 June 2011, a spokesperson from DBS, one of the main sponsors of the award, said the bank can help minimise the “risk factor and uncertainty” to provide market information and link them with businesses with similar experience.

Here is another thought: Start with South Asia. Tap into and build on South Asian ties first.  Not just traditional Indian channels but across other South Asian neighbours from around the world. At the South Asian Diaspora Convention (21-23 July), business people and corporations from the East are also coming to Singapore to see how they can Link with the Diaspora (the theme of the convention).
In fact, there is a greater case for being more open to commercial ties within the South Asia market. Building up one’s business abroad can also lead to building bridges of friendships and understanding. Can we somehow start or show how this can happen at the convention e.g. feasible to put forward an initiative like a South Asian Business Association? Too idealistic or too soon?

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