Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Congratulations! WFA 2011 SE Asia Wine Pioneers of THAILAND

The awardees from Thailand has been announced and we give a toast to the following successful luminaries of Thailand’s wine scene.

Mr Michel Conrad (Independent Wine and Spirits)
Mr Nantachai K Kollert (World Class Wine)
Mrs Nuanwan Rujimongkol (Ambrose Wine Co Ltd)
Ms Orada Nonthasignh (Silom Cellar)
Mr Pairach Intaput (Thai Sommelier & Gastronomy)
Mrs Patcharee Musikul (The Best Cellar)
Ms Patchaya Soonthonchote (Italthai)
Mr Piya Bhirompakdee (PB Valley, Khaoyai Winery)
Mrs Sanita Na-Chiangmai (Maison du Vin)
Mr Sanjog Modgil (F&B Association of Thailand)
Mr Thakul Kijadech (BB&B Co Ltd)
Mr Visooth Lohitnavy (GranMonte Wines)

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