Tuesday, 6 December 2011

How to rely less on foreign labour & more on automation...

Media reports recently have been harping on how businesses in Singapore better get used to the new reality: the Singapore Government is firm in reducing the country's reliance on foreign labour. One example of these reports was written by Straits Times Economics Correspondent, Aaron Low, who wrote in a Review article "Tightening the flow of foreign workers" (10th June 2011 pg A25).

Excerpt: "Businesses, especially smaller firms, will also suffer, with the supply of cheaper foreign workers drying up." It is predicted that the manufacturing and services sectors will be hit and CIMB economist, Song Seng Wun, was quoted as saying, "For many entrepreneurs, setting up a restaurant was one of the easiest ways of going into business.With labour costs rising and a lack of workers, it is going to be much harder to take that route." The article said those who persist are likely to pass on the higher cost to customers.

One area in the F&B business that has been particularly hit by manpower supply problems is the cleaning of dishes and cutlery. It is the most unattractive job in the kitchen and restaurants are already facing problems finding (and keeping) workers to perform this job.

The article predicts once it comes to the crunch we will be paying more for our meals outside. Synnovate Solutions Pte Ltd, an  innovative home grown Small Medium Enterprise (SME) is offering another solution to this problem - how you can go for greater productivity with automation AND it will be cheaper, better and faster!  More information, case studies and practical examples on how it is doing this will be posted on its Facebook page: Synnovate Solutions


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